New Business License

This part of the form is for the submitter of this application (you, or the filing entity, such as a law firm or accountant, you represent), and that you the submitter certify that all of the information you provide on the associate license application is true to the best of your knowledge.

Please note, the receipt of this submittal will be emailed to the email you provide below.

Owner Details

This part of the form is for the information on the owner or owners of the business. If there is more than one owner, choose one owner, list their name first, followed by the remaining owners. Use the remaining fields to fill out the information of only the first owner.

Business Details

This portion of the form is only for the primary details regarding the name, location, and contact information of the business.

Name Details
Physical Location Details

Type in and select the address from the results returned. After doing so, please make any adjustments as required.

Mailing Details
Other Details
Emergency Contact

This portion of the form is reserved for the contact information of someone, besides the owner, who has the authorization to be contacted in case of an emergency when the owner cannot be reached.

Additional info

The remaining portion of this form is for census details regarding the operation and administration of this business, please fill each field out to the best of your abilities.