Pay Your Municipal Violations

You may be eligible to pay your ticket without coming to court. This may lessen points against your driving record and reduce costs. Look for the "Penalty Assessment" explanation outlined on your citation for eligibility.

If you need assistance, please contact the Municipal Court at (970) 834-2844 during normal business hours.

Due to the holidays, tickets will be delayed in getting processed. This means you may not meet the 20-day deadline for credit/debit payments. You can pay with check, cash, or money order. The Town is not responsible for those who wait for the debit/credit option and will not honor any payments made after the 20-days. There are three other options to ensure you meet the 20-day deadline. We do apologize for the inconvenience in this delay.


In order to use the search form below, you must have either the citation number or the court docket number, as well as the birth year of the defendant.

If your citation was issued as a parking violation, you may search for the parking citation using the number on the citation and the date the citation was issued.

If your citation is marked as a "Summons Only" or has no dollar amount listed, you must appear in the Municipal Court on your arraignment date. The instructions on your ticket will instruct you to appear in court at a specific date and time. You are NOT eligible to pay online and you are NOT able to avoid coming to court on your court date.

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